The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

As we fed Z her favourite treats (cereal stars or yoghurt melts), I was teasing her by pulling the treat away from her mouth at the last moment.

Z is wonderfully good-natured and allows me my little joke and laughs along.

And as she laughs with her mouth wide open, I could see the glint of white.

Her tooth was emerging!

At 10 months and a bit, she was finally getting some teeth!

Around the same time, we had a minor plague of mosquitoes.

What was infuriating was… where were the mosquitoes coming from?

Z doesn’t react well to mosquito bites. The bites tend to swell larger than expected. Though… she doesn’t really itch or react to the bites (like scratching).

Our little “shoebox” apartment is really small, and we keep the windows closed because of the haze and we cool with the aircon. So there should be no egress for the mosquitoes.

One possible answer was the door. I think one scooted in as we were entering the apartment. Which was infuriating.

But despite killing a handful of mosquitoes, there still seem to be some others flying around, just waiting for an opportunity to suck my precious baby’s blood.

So on Sunday as we left for brunch, we launch Project Scorched Earth. Or Scorched Air.

Using an insecticide for flying insects, I sprayed the bathroom, filling the air with insecticide. Then I closed the door. The bedroom got the same treatment and then the door was closed.

We were all dressed and ready to leave, so PL took Z out of the apartment and I completed Project Scorched Air – fumigating the living area, the kitchen and the storeroom, and then backing out of the apartment.

I went off after brunch to pack the Toa Payoh flat, and PL returned to the apartment with Z.

And found 3 mosquitoes dead – 2 in the bathroom, and one in the living area.

She also manually killed another (sacrificing some of her blood to bait the mosquito).

Z thought she was clapping and imitated her.

Well, it showed that Project Scorched Air was a success. Or at least the insecticide works as  advertised.

It also suggested to me that the point of entry was in the bathroom.

I peered at the toilet bowl suspiciously.

And also the water traps in the shower.

Then I considered the vent. There is an exhaust port – the fan kicks in automatically when the lights are switched on, and it sucks the humid air out of the bathroom. BUT… when the  lights are off, the fan don’t operate and the mosquitoes would be free to come in. The air is vented out on the roof.

We have since been focused on securing that entry point and the mosquitoes aren’t plaguing us in the numbers that they were.

We have follow up Project Scorch Air (Bathroom), and at night, PL leaves the lights on (which means the exhaust fan is on) and this keeps the mosquitoes out of the vent.

Fingers cross and hope Z doesn’t get bitten anymore. (She got two bites).

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