Fatt Choy Mui Seafood Restaurant

It was a week of missed food connection.

In my previous post, I mentioned how Dong Ji was closed when I went to the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre at lunchtime on Saturday.

On Tuesday, I had arranged to meet an old friend/ex-colleague at Fatt Choy Mui Seafood Restaurant. She called an hour before we were to meet to tell me that Fatt Choy Mui was closed that day.

So two days later, we went down ourselves to try it.

As it was just PL and me, we couldn’t order a lot.

A small plate of the ying yu chow fun (white bait fried rice), marmite pork ribs, and their signature fried tofu.

The marmite pork ribs was ok, but not spectacular. This is not to say that it was bad. It was actually quite good, but our standards were a little high.

The signature Tofu was fantastic and unique. The tofu was fried till the bottom was firm and even a little crispy, while the rest was still soft. Then topped with fried preserved radish (chai po) with garlic (I think). And perhaps other ingredients.

The sauce for the tofu was very salty and would be best if eaten with plain rice. Nice.

Must bring the rest of the clan one day.

The address is 34 Cassia Crescent, but the road in front of it is Pine Lane.

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