Child of God

On 6 Sept 2015, we finally baptised Z, the little heathen.

We had planned to return to Toa Payoh and then have her baptised at Church of the Risen Christ, eventually,

But a few weeks before, we ended up in the front part of the church at Queen of Peace, and during communion, PL passed the baptism pool at the centre of the church.

It looked gorgeous!

“Let’s baptise Z, here!” she suggested-demanded. Or suggested in a non-negotiable manner.
“Sure. Find out when they have infant baptism.”

So she did and, Baptism of infants is every other month. We just missed the July  one. There is none in August, so Sept was the next available month.

I wanted J, my godson to be the godfather, but he’s only 15. There is a minimum age to be godfather – 16. And the Church would prefer to god parents to be over 30 to be more matured.

Bummer. But he is still the godfather, as far as I’m concerned. His mother (my sister) stood in as the godmother for the purpose of the Baptism. She’s over 30.

There was a pre-baptism briefing which was sort of a rehearsal also for the baptism rites.

I don’t remember having to go through all these when I was godfather to two nephews and a niece!

My sister said this was newly introduced (within the last few years). They wanted to make sure godparents knew their duty.

As far as I was concerned, a godfather remembered birthdays, Christmas, and brought their godchild lugeing (that’s the downhill lugeing at Sentosa).

And sometimes answering difficult questions about life.

Anyway, at the rehearsal, we also found out that Z WOULD NOT BE BAPTISED IN THE LOVELY BAPTISMAL POOL!

I think that was for adult baptism.


But it’s too late to back out. Well, not too late, but we had dragged my sis and J to the briefing and the baptism was the following week, and we might as well just go through with it so Z would be a nice Catholic girl.

Instead the priest would just pour water over her head over the baptismal fount by the side.


But the little heathen is baptised.


Now she can get married in church one day.


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