Lazy Crazy Hazy days

Today (Sunday, 13 Sept), we did not go out.

Well, I did. I went to the supermarket to get groceries.

But PL & Z stayed in because the haze was so bad.

Z had been sneezing. And she had a runny nose. But no fever. But she was cranky and in a bad mood most of the day. We believe she may have some nasal congestion.

So considering the haze (PSI was over 100 the whole day), her physiological response to it, we kept her at home.

And she was quite happy to stay at home. Usually she would get “stir crazy” at some point and demand to go out. But I guess the nasal congestion and general discomfort turn her off. So she stayed home the whole day.

Anyway, we finally tried to put her to sleep. And by “we”, I mean PL because Z tends to get over excited if she sees me available to “rescue” her from bedtime.

So she was sleeping, then she woke up crying inconsolably. I think the nasal congestion was making her uncomfortable. So we got some baby Vicks, rubbed it on and it seem to help.

But, now she was too alert to go back to sleep. But if I left the room, she would want to come with me – to be rescued from bed time. So I stayed in the room for a while. And she romped around the bed, still bright-eyed and alert with sleep a long way away.

Finally, I saw my chance and left.

About 30 minutes later PL exited the room. Z was asleep.

But when I left, PL said she stared at the door, looking rather stunned. PL thought she was going to cry, but instead she just stared at the door, And then her eyes started to glaze, and she flopped over and fell asleep, within minutes.

Imagining how she might have stared at the door and what she might have been thinking breaks my heart.


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