So I asked PL if her parents were happier since Z came into our lives. And their lives.

Well, they seem happy to me, even “happier”, but I did not know them before PL & I got married, so PL would be the more objective assessor.

Her father was more engaged. Previously, life was routine and maybe even boring. Now he had purpose. He used to sleep a lot because well, there was nothing to look forward to.

Her mother was always active, but she certainly seemed happier.

I looked at Z.

She looked back, and then went back to doing whatever important things 8 month old babies do (I think it involved a ball, and what it tastes like).

When PL and I come home from work, Z would get all excited and beam beatifically at us. Just the other evening, as we stepped out of the cab, the in-laws were waiting downstairs with Z for us.

As Z tracked me from the cab, recognition dawned on her and she smiled then broke into a chuckle, and started to bounce up and down in her grandma’s arms, excitedly.

Coming home to that is one of the best part of the day for me.

And I wondered, how did someone so small, so incoherent, so poopy, so helpless, so needy, so dependent, still unable to feed herself, or walk, or crawl anywhere with any deliberation come to mean so much to me? Bring so much joy to my life?

Man, if I knew this years ago, I would have gotten a puppy!

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  1. thisissiok says:

    Kekek love this post! 😀

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