We sometimes forget to be grateful so this is me reminding myself, that “no man is an island”.

About a month after Z was born, we had the customary “full month” celebration of Z’s birth.

If we had our way, we probably would have liked to be able to skip that.

BUT we also realised… well, I also realised that being a hermit and going in to seclusion was not good for Z, or for us.

And yes, there is the happy happy joy and pride of showing Z off.

There’s no denying that.

So we had TWO full month celebration to accommodate everyone we wanted to invite! 🙂

It’s a truism that every parent thinks the world of their own children, and that no one else will be as interested in their children as them (the parents).

Z is infinitely and unendingly fascinating to me. And I know it is because I am the father. So I try to restrain myself with the baby pictures. And videos.

She is also endlessly fascinating to her mother, and her grandmother.

Especially to Granny Mum Mum because she’s grandchild #1.

[Granny Poke-Poke Face is also fascinated even though she is #13, because I think, she’s her firstborn son’s first child. But that’s for another blog entry.]

As I consider our care arrangement, I realise how much more difficult it would have been if PL’s mum were not helping us.

And I am grateful.

We send Z to granny’s every morning (weekdays) at about 7:30, and she then brings Z back in the afternoon. And she contributes happily and willingly. It is who she is, and of course it is because she loves Z.

But it is not necessarily the case for all grandparents.

Some of course are too old or frail or in ill-health.

But there are also those who are in good health, but they want to enjoy their retirement, and not be bothered with childcare.

It is fortunate that PL’s mom has no such wants, and Z brings her as much joy as a holiday.

In fact, if we needed to, she would be quite happy to take Z for a few weeks while we go on holiday.

Not that we could leave Z for even a day.


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