Food for thought

Z is 6 months old now.

We thought she might like to try some new food.

She had other ideas.

We tried rice cereal. Added the cereal to her milk formula, and gave her a little taste. She tolerated it, but showed no interest in following up with more samples.

We gave some to her grandma to try. She reported that Z was more than uninterested. She made a face.

Then we tried some Cereal Pap.

What’s Pap, I asked the friend who passed us the cereal. She had no idea.

Perhaps this will set Z on the path to voting PAP when she grows up.

But no. She seems to be a WP supporter. In any case the pap made no fan of her.

Then we tried potatoes. I bought small yellow-skin potatoes and boiled them till they were soft and mash them. Then we tried to introduce the potato to Z.

She made a face like we were trying to feed her poop or something.

Well, maybe she’s not ready for other foods.

We’ll wait.

She’s gnawing on stuff cos her teeth are erupting (but not out yet). So may after they emerge we can try again.

We thought she was ready cos she would watch us intently as we had dinner while she sat in her baby chair.

watching us eat

watching us eat





She seemed interested in eating.

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