The Dreams that Drive us

PL dreamt that Z drove us in a van.

But because Z’s arms were too short (actually, everything about her is too small to be driving a van, but this is a dream), Z was steering the van with her feet while seated in a child seat.

And because babies are wont to do, at one point, Z started becoming very interested in her hands and was engrossed with examining her hands.

And so PL had to exclaim, “watch the road!”.

And then PL grabbed for the steering wheel and the van crashed.

So, Dream Interpretation  101: Which of the following is your interpretation of the meaning of the dream?

a) PL is thinking that we should get a van. We do not own a vehicle, and PL has just returned to work, and the arrangement is for PL to bring Z to her parents in the morning by cab, and then go to work, also by cab. So a car could be useful. Maybe she’s thinking about that?

b) PL would like Z to start being mobile. Z has started to try to stand (with help from adults holding her), and to roll over. When would she start to crawl?

c) PL is realising that Z is in the driver’s seat of our lives. All we do revolves around Z and her needs and what is best for her.

d) PL thinks that Z will probably make a terrible driver as she is easily distracted. And Z doesn’t even use her hands to steer.

e)  PL has anxiety about guiding Z especially if Z ever wants to learn to drive. As her mother PL wants what’s best for Z and can’t help but intervene if she sees Z going the wrong way, but she is afraid if she does, she might cause Z to crash.

f) None of the above. It is just a dream.

What do you think is the most likely interpretation of the dream?

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