Anchovies and Lime

PL loves salty food.

Salted fish. Salted Egg. Salted vegetables. Chai Po Omelette. Vegemite/Bovril/Marmite.

Cooking to satisfy her is therefore rather easy. Just make sure it is salty enough.

So I introduced her to Anchovies, western style. These are the canned or tinned anchovies, salted, in olive oil. It goes great with rice porridge, when you want salted fish but don’t have any.

But other than that, I really don’t know what to use it for.

I know it is used in Caesar Salads – it’s mushed up to be part of the salad dressing and gives the salad some saltiness (and fishiness).

Many less-than-authentic Caesar Salads skip the anchovies and the salad is lesser for it.

I also know that it is used in some traditional pizza, but most of the time, you hear the American’s asking for it to be left out.

(I think there was a joke or scene in a movie where someone ordered a pizza with anchovies and the pizza staff said they didn’t have any cos no one ever ordered it.)

So anyway, I had a tin of anchovies in olive oil and not sure what to do with it.

I also had some flat bread or wraps.


So I mushed up the anchovies, seasoned it with Italian herbs and some Cayenne pepper powder, and smeared it onto the wrap/flat bread. Next I added diced onions and garlic. and topped it all off with lots of mozzarella and red cheddar cheese.

Baked for about 15 minutes at 200C.

And it was pretty ok. A bit too salty (by my estimation) but PL loved it. Just cos it’s salty.

I thought about how to improve it.

The next night I did the same thing, but I used more of the olive oil that the anchovies were canned in.

Then after the pizza came out of the oven, I topped it off with little cubes of lime.

The tangy lime cut the saltiness intermittently which was a good contrast of flavours.

PL noticed that it was saltier this time. I attributed it to the olive oil which was probably very salty.

Anchovies and lime is an interesting combination. This is like a Margarita you eat instead of drinking, except that there is no tequila… And except that there already is a “Margherita Pizza”.

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