Telling Jokes

I joke a lot.

And I have a running joke with Z.

I’d call her, and when she looks at me, I say, “Poot! Poot! Poot!”

Then she smiles. Or grins. And sometimes, she laughs out loud.

Sometimes, I’d say, “you wanna hear a joke?” Pause. And then “Poot! Poot! Poot!”

And Z would grin broadly.

Sometimes, I’d tell PL, “you tell her the joke.”

And PL would call to Z, and then say, “Put. Put. Put.”

And Z would just stare at her.

“Put. Put. Put.” PL would say again.

Z would stare again.

“Why doesn’t it work?” PL asked me.

“You dunno how to tell jokes, lah” I answered.

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