Our mini pseudo-Indian Film Festival

PL and I used to watch movies almost every weekend.

She isn’t much of a film buff and she lets me pick the movies and I drag her to many a summer-action-blockbuster-testosteroney-more-explosions-than-dialogue movies.

Well, “drag” is a bit of an exaggeration.

But I sort of feel like a Cinema is meant for loud-explodey-action-movies. The big screen, the overly loud sound system. It’s all meant for an escape into the testosterone zone.

BUT… I like a good story, too.

Well, after her premature contractions (5 weeks before the EDD) she was on medical leave and then annual leave, and we stopped going to movies because it was just not very convenient.

Instead, we went through the entire seven season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, five seasons of Angel, three seasons of Game of Thrones, two seasons of Life, three seasons of Justified, and a few episodes of Veronica Mars. On DVD. At home.

And then baby Z came along and it has been one thing after another and movies and TV series were not really priorities.

Until recently, when Baby Z was more settled (on formula with breast as a supplement), and we were able to find time.

But we still felt that going to the cinema was probably more work and stress than we wanted.

So we turned to iTunes.

We got some movies and unintentionally had a mini-Pseudo-Indian Film Festival.

“Life of Pi” was the first movie we caught. I was captivated by the language and the movie made me want to read the book. If the movie was true to the book, the prose would be exquisite.

The second movie I had heard good things about, and the trailer for it was quite intriguing especially the part with this line: “Here in India we have a saying – Everything will be alright in the end – So if things are not alright, it is not the end.”

I like the clever play on words there.

As the story unfolded in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, I compared it to the Japanese movie, “Departures”. The life stories that were revealed in little vignettes, the poignancy, the sadness, the victories, the human foibles, and the denouement, were very emotionally satisfying.

I liked it this movie the most of the three. “Pi” was enjoyable for the language. This for the humanity.

The third movie, I also heard good things about – “The Hundred Foot Journey”. It was a good movie, but after the Life of Pi and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, it was kinda flat.

Perhaps the problem was trying to feature cooking or culinary arts. I think Ratatouille may have done a slightly better job of bringing out the exquisiteness of cooking. But the penultimate cooking movie for me, must be “Eat. Drink. Man. Woman.”

I do not know much about French cooking, and Indian cooking, I know only of the Singapore version of Indian Street Food. So I do not know how one might showcase French cooking. Especially, one Michelin star cooking.

On the other hand, the first 5 minutes or so of “Eat. Drink. Man. Woman.” is simply spectacular. That was a showcase of Chinese cooking that would stun (and at times shock) the audience.

Which is not to say “The Hundred Foot Journey” is a bad movie. It’s a pretty good movie. I guess, I should have watched it first, then Life of Pi and then Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. That is what I am saying.

[I also had a nit-pick about the movie. At one point, the father was looking at the site he would eventually buy and said, “over there, we can have the Tandoori oven.”

No. It is a Tandoor. Tandoori is the adjective describing the food that has been cooked in the tandoor. Which is an oven. Like Tandoori chicken. “Tandoori oven” is like saying an “Oven-y oven”.

Just showing off.

Yes, a non-Indian might say “tandoori oven”, because, well… Non-Indian! No excuse for an Indian restaurateur.]

The point is, it is easier to adapt to our new situation, rather than trying to “get back” our old lives (before baby).

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