The Procession

The Man’s funeral cortege proceeded through 15 km of Singapore roads, and people lined the streets to pay him homage.

This picture was particularly poignant:

Coincidentally, for Catholics (Christians?), it was Palm Sunday, commemorating the day Jesus re-entered Jerusalem (on a donkey, if I remember my Bible), while the people lined the streets and waved palms.

Of course for the Man, the people waved their camera-phones instead, Oh wait. It was raining, so they kept their non-water-proof camera phones and waved flags instead.

Or umbrellas.

Actually, Singaporeans were very good. Some people realised how bad it looked to have everyone trying to video the procession instead of giving proper attention and respect to Lee Kuan Yew.

In this picture, one man bowed as the coffin was moved to Parliament. Most others were videoing the procession.

Or maybe the man dropped his camera-phone.

(I shouldn’t make fun of the ONLY man who knew how to properly pay his respects.)

But the coincidence of LKY cortege processing through Singapore on Palm Sunday was… I don’t know… evocative. What of, I do not know.

There was some similarities, if not symmetry.

I don’t know.

Perhaps it is a precursor of the cult of LKY. Part of the beatification/deification process perhaps? I hope not.

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