My Gripe

So Woodward’s Gripe Water is a traditional home remedy for colic. Which means, it probably has dangerous controlled drugs. Like Coca Cola used to have real cola (which is addictive) and cocaine! I want a Classic Classic Coke!

Actually, Woodward’s Gripe Water only has two ingredients which one may object to feeding a baby – Alcohol and Sugar.

So they have since left out the alcohol… interestingly, as I search the net for information about WW Gripe water and what people were saying, I found a comment from an adult who wants WW to bring back Gripewater with alcohol. Perhaps just for adults. Oh, I think she means, just for adults. She misses her alcoholic gripe water from her infancy… or childhood.


Anyway, I learned that the UK and US versions of WW Gripe Water is Alcohol- AND Sugar-free.

The bottle we bought in Singapore, was made in Malaysia, and it was Alcohol free. There was no mention of being sugar free. So we suspect that it has the original formulation with sugar.

And that is probably why Z likes it so much.

Well, a few weeks ago, while I was trying to give Z a “dose” of gripe water, I knocked over the bottle and lost half the content.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I decided to get a replacement bottle. From the US which has the sugar-free version.

Amazon was selling it for about US$8 which is comparable to the price in Singapore (also $8 but in Singapore dollars). So I ordered it together with a bunch of other stuff I was planning to get.

The gripe water was sold by an Amazon affiliate/partner, so delivery was separate. And Amazon billed it separately.

Gripe Water US$8. Shipping – US$20. Total in SGD – S$40. Forty dollars!

It arrived yesterday. So Z now has a $40 bottle of gripe water at 150ml. My $24 bottle of Red Moscato at least has 750 ml. And is alcoholic.

Anyway, another reason I wanted to get the sugar-free version was to see if a) it was also sweet, and b) how is it sweetened.

Answer: It is sweet – sweetened with Maltitol, a sugar substitute.

So… which is better? A sugared Gripe Water, or a sugar-free gripe water with a sugar substitute?

OK, if you are thinking, now is where I go into the anti-artificial sweetener sermon… no.

I don’t care too much for artificial sweeteners, but I’m not rabidly against them. But knowing that the sugar-free version is artificially sweetened is additional information… and I don’t care for it.

The directions for the use of Gripe water is a teaspoon (5 ml) for babies 6 mths or less up to 4 times a day (or something like that). Two teaspoons for older babies.

But we have been giving Z just 1ml or less with an “eye-dropper”/syringe. And no more than twice a day. Usually once a day.

So, knowing what I know now… I don’t need to pay $40 to get Gripe water with artificial sweeteners.

Sugared Gripe Water will be fine for Z.

She won’t be taking more than 5 ml a day. Probably less than 2 ml. If at all.

Now, I’ll just keep track of when they are bringing back alcohol gripe water for adults…

On a related note, I filled a little spray capsule with gripe water. Now when I need to calm Z down, I just spray some Gripe Water (probably less than o.2ml) into Z’s mouth (which will be open ‘cos she’ll be wailing), and she stops.

Well so far she has stopped when the taste kicks in. She really likes the taste. Now if she is wailing because of some discomfort, the Gripe Water spritz will just stop her for a while. But it does calm her down enough for us to try to figure out what she wants or need.

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