Z’s BF

WP_20150221_003Z was “playing” with Alfred (on left)  quietly. Too quietly. Usually she babbles and jabbers at him loudly (probably complaining to him about her incompetent parents, and how they have psychologically scarred her for life.)

My fatherly instincts kicked in. Or kicked into overdrive. “Are you playing with Alfred?” I asked. “Why are you so quiet? You realised of course, when you play with him so quietly, I will get suspicious, you know?”

I turned to PL and explained. “When kids are engaging in hanky-panky or up to mischief, they get all quiet. When they are laughing and being very noisy, you can be sure that they are just playing. But when they become very quiet, that’s when you need to start worrying and start asking questions.”

“I can’t wait for her to bring back her boyfriends, so I can interrogate them. I mean, interview them. I mean, talk to them. Of course, I might be dead by then.”

“Well,” PL said, “if she starts dating at 12 or 14, you could have a chance.”

I brightened up at the thought. “Yeah… I could ask them really embarrassing questions, like ‘How long have you been interested in what’s in my daughter’s pants?'”

[Note (For Adults): in my conversation with PL, I actually said, “how long have you been interested in my daughter’s pussy?”, but I thought this blog might be read by young kids, so I changed it.]

And I’d continue, “she’s got nice boobs doesn’t she? Just like her mother. ARE YOU OOGLING MY WIFE’S BOOBS? Whaddaya mean, ‘no’? What’s wrong with my wife’s boobs? Not good enough for you to oogle is it?”

At that moment I turned to look at Z who had been listening to our conversation. This is what I saw:


Really Dad? That’s how you are going to humiliate me in front of my friends?

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