Happy C-day, Z. (If the math is right.)

“B” generally comes before “C”.

Except for “B-days”.

Then, “C-day” comes before “B-day”.

We are reasonably sure that Baby Z’s C-day was on Mar 8 2014 or in the days immediately after. Yes, the same day that MH370 disappeared Z’s life may have started.

It makes it easy to remember. Though this isn’t something that people usually remember.

But when fate provides an easy way to remember, it would be irresponsible not to.

So when the search for MH370 entered it’s 100th day, we are also quietly noting that Z (or “parasite” as we referred to her/it then) was about 100 days along.

So now, it has been 1 year.


Except… Z is now 13 weeks old. And she was born just 1 day before her estimated date of delivery (EDD), And pregnancy is 40 weeks, so she is 52 weeks 6 days old and it’s her 1st anniversary of her conception?

I can’t figure this out!!!


52 weeks of 7 days = 364 days. That’s why a date last year which is a Saturday (Mar 8) is a Sunday this year (365 = 52 weeks +1 day).

If Z’s incubation was 39 weeks and 6 days, and she is 13 weeks old, she would be 52 weeks and 6 days old today. But this is the first anniversary of her C-day,  which is 52 weeks and 1 day.

How is this possible?

Oh, and when Z is older and is reading this and wondering why her crazy dad is embarassing her with these details, yes, Z, your parents had sex in order to have you.

We couldn’t afford artificial insemination.

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