We have been trying to match make little Z.

Poor girl.

It started at her full month celebration.

PL’s Mom, who had never pressured PL to get a boyfriend or find a husband, or get married and settle down, was actively trying to match make Z to any little boy belonging to our friends.

She was quite enamored with Sam. About 2 years older.

Then JD, about 5 months older.

I wonder if she regrets not pushing PL to get married earlier, and now wishes to make up for her “neglect”? 🙂 Parents are not the only one guilty of trying to live vicariously through their children. Grandparents can too.

Or maybe she just wants to be a great-grandmother. 🙂

And yes, PL & I are also guilty of this, too. “Ollie” is our candidate.

Poor Z.

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