A Plan. A Baby. A Bottle. Good Luck.

PL and I have been trying to get Baby Z to take formula from a bottle.

She is over 3 months (12 weeks) old and have been exclusively breastfed for all this time. The introduction of formula in a bottle has been unsuccessful.

She didn’t like the rubber teat, we figured.

She was fine with the formula. We read that some babies could be finicky about the formula so we tried giving her one brand, but when she demurred, we switch to another to see if it might make a difference.

No luck.

But when we spoon fed her the formula, she was fine. So we figured she didn’t like the silicon/latex teat or the feel of it in her mouth.

But we persisted. PL & I were not going to be defeated by a barely 4.5kg (we weighed her) little baby.

And by “we” I mean PL mainly.

She tried getting out of the house and letting her mother feed Z. Didn’t work. Z just cried. I tried feeding Z with the bottle when I took her out of church (during Mass), leaving PL in church. Didn’t work.

The next week, PL went to mass, leaving Z with me to try to feed. She just cried, rejected the bottle, and just “tahan” until PL came back and suckled voraciously to make up for the two hours without PL.

Over the next week, PL expressed milk, bottled it and tried to feed Z via the bottle.

She slowly took to it. Finishing 10 ml. then 2o, then 30.

Last night after she wiped out the bottled breast milk, we introduced 60 ml (closer to 70 after adding the formula) of formula.

She finished it in record time.


(Is it pathetic that my “victories” now are based on my ability to outwit a baby, instead of say my professional work?

Nope. Not pathetic at all. 🙂 )

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