Mr Rama

It is good to meet old friends unexpectedly.

Today as I was waiting for my bus transfer at Kallang Road, I suddenly heard my name.

Mr Rama on his touring bike, had spotted me as he cycled past, “I thought it was you!” he said.

We exchanged “How are yous” and “How have you been” and caught up quickly.

I gave him the highlights – got married. Have kid.

He had retired, and had been re-employed. And as usual he still cycles to work everyday.

He is a fit 60+, and cycles to Thailand with his cyclists friends for holiday.

We had lost touch as the years passed.

But he is always interesting to talk to. He is a mellow fellow. Not given to anger or temper, impeccably mannered, always proper. A gentleman of the old school.

As I saw him again this evening, I realised how much I had missed him.

So I promised to catch up with him via email.

And he cycled off as the bus pull in.

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