Fickle Friend

And just like that, Alfred has fallen out of favour.

Now Z just stares at Alfred when we put it before her. Where previously, she would start babbling to it like Alfred was her confidante, now she just looks at it silently.

What did Alfred do?

Who knows what dastardly betrayal he has wrought upon my daughter’s fragile trust!

Or perhaps it is simply the fickle nature of a young girl’s heart to make deep friendships and toss them aside the next day?

Puzzling as this may be, it presents a more practical problem. Now instead of babbling to Alfred for a while giving PL and I a chance to have dinner, she stares in our direction and calls out to PL. Or makes a nuisance of herself so we have to respond.

On the bright side, she has started smiling at her Moses basket… Any time now she should start babbling to it.

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