Breathless Praise

PL & I were having breakfast, punctuated with episodes of carrying Baby Z. She wasn’t difficult, just wanting to be carried and fuss over… a little.

So when she had finally drowsed off, PL was reading one of the many flyers (fliers?) that had been slipped into our mailbox.

This was for classes and preparatory courses.

One of the instructors had the title of “Associate Professor”. As PL pored over the highlights of his resume, she pointed out that there was no mention of him teaching at any university.

“How can he be an Associate Professor, then?”

I looked over the rest of the blurb on him.

“Ya, but he ‘has won breathless praise from his students’,” I pointed out.

“I wonder what that means – ‘breathless praise’… Maybe it means he was choking them at the time: “Say something nice! Say something nice about me!”

And the students would choke out, “you’re a very good teacher!” Breathlessly of course.

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