Australia by Motor Home

[A little late but relevant.]

I hate driving.

Particularly in Singapore. Where the roads are congested, where junctions are within spitting distances of each other, where you have to start to brake even before you’re done accelerating. Where the drivers are impatient at best, rude and obnoxious at worse, where fuel is expensive, and there is Electronic Road Pricing, and where driving is expensive and not a joy at all.

And I am the first to admit I am not a great driver.

So I stay off the road in Singapore.

But recently (in July 2914) I drove about 3,000 km in 10 days.

In a 7.2 metre lDSCF5940ong motor home.

It was… stressful. But it was an adventure too.

I can understand the freedom & independence drivers love.

But it’s also responsibility. And it was at times, tedious.

We drove (and by “we”, I mean “I” – PL does not drive) a motor home from Perth up to Exmouth, with stops at Geraldton, Kalbarri, Denham/Monkey Mia, and Carnarvon, On the way back to Perth, we revisited Carnarvon and stopped a night in Dongara, with brief day trips to Geraldton, and Jurian Bay.

I realised when I returned home that this was not what a typical Singaporean considers a “holiday”.

I had wanted to go on this motor home holiday as our honeymoon, but decided that it was probably not appropriate.

I had never been on a camper-van holiday before, and imagined that there was a lot of DIY-ing on such a holiday, and possibly some compromises as to comfort and convenience. I was not sure if we could handle it, or if something went wrong, it could have ruined our honeymoon. I thought a honeymoon should be pampered luxury, or at least not roughing it (to be fair, “camper vanning” is NOT roughing it, but I didn’t know that at the time), or risking comfort and safety.

Of course, now I know that it is a very safe holiday, and while there were some compromises, the freedom and flexibility more than makes up for the small compromises.

It was fun cuddling under the comforter in the campervan in the Western Australian winter. I guess it would have been good to have rented a electric heater, but that might have been too comfortable. 🙂

Anyway, it was not that cold. Below 10 C. With a comforter and a wife, we could survive.

I had planned the trip to coincide with wild flower season in Western Australia. We caught it, but wildflowers are rather shy and not very flamboyant about flashing their colours. So not much by way of landscape photos.

It was interesting. The cramped quarters, the compromised space, the small on-board toilet and bath, the kitchenette, the need to put things away when we were done, to secure doors and drawers and storage were things we didn’t have to pay too much attention to usually, but were now, very important for the proper functioning of the campervan either as a vehicle, or as a motorhome.

Now in the shoebox we call our home, all those discipline learnt were re-applied.

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