Belle Epoch

We realised that in the four families (my siblings and myself), all the men were doing most if not all of the cooking.

I dunno about my siblings, but I have dreams of teaching Z to cook.

I would like to teach her to use a knife. Maybe when she’s 6 or 7. I would like her to be able to cook.

Maybe at 6, I’ll just teach her to make “instant pickles” with cucumbers.

Maybe, I’ll get her to help to me with Hae Bi when she is older.

And eventually Sio Bak (future post).

Am I teaching Z to cook because she is a girl and should be expected to be able to cook?

In all honesty, if Z were a boy, I would teach him to cook too. It’s just a father teaching his child what he knows, what he’s good at, and what he can share with his child.

That Z is a girl, is secondary or even immaterial. It would just be interesting for Z to reverse this generations of male cooks, and lead a generation of female cooks.

A “belle epoch” of cooking.

But, it may well turn ot that she does not like cooking.

Fair enough. She can decide never to cook again when she is older. But I will teach her, and I hope to teach her as well as I can so as to engender a love, a thrill, or even a passion for cooking.

And the reason we teach children what we know, what we are good at, is because if it is truly something we love doing, it becomes a vignette of life, a parable, an encapsulation of the lessons of life.

Sio Bak (roast pork belly) is what I do well, and my friends and family often ask me to bring that to pot luck, or other functions.

I would like Z to master Sio Bak.

Maybe she might want to start small restaurant when she is older. If she is so inclined.

She can call it “Belle Epoch”. And her customers will smile and think, what a clever play on “Belly Pork”.

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