All Babies are born Hokkien

I have a theory, a hypothesis: All Babies are born Hokkien

Hear me out.

First, for those not famliar, Hokkien is a dialect group from the Fujian Province (Fujian is the Mandarin pronunciation of Hokkien) of China. It’s where my ancestors are from. (I’m Hokkien).

Second, this epiphany struck me when my mom was playing with Z and got Z to first smile, and then vocalise: “a-goo”, she purred.

My mom got really excited, “she smiled!” she exclaimed.

We carried on having our dinner. Z had smiled many times usually randomly, and when she seemed to smile appropriately, it was probably coincidence. But we didn’t want to burst my mom’s illusion, so we just carried on eating.

Then, “she said, ‘agoo!'” exclaimed my mother.

“Who’s ‘Ah Gu’?” I asked.

I turned to PL, “is that her REAL father?” I asked accusingly.

PL just smiled secretively.

“Oh wait!” I said, as I had an epiphany.

“Z’s calling for ‘Ah Gu’ – that’s Hokkien for ‘cow’! She wants her cow!”

I looked at PL, “go feed her, cow!”

“So,” PL said, “your month-old daughter can speak Hokkien?”

“Of course. She’s Hokkien. Of course she can speak Hokkien.”

So, to all parents of infants, if your baby calls for “Ah Gu”, be proud that he or she can speak Hokkien.

And give him or her some milk.


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