Apparently, babies hiccup a lot. Or frequently.

Z often hiccups after a feed. PL thinks it may be because Z drank too fast. I have no idea why it happens. Even doctor’s don’t really know.

It just happens.

What is interesting (and this is interesting because Z’s my kid, so everything she does or happens to her IS interesting to me. I may be biased.) is what Z does when she has an attack of the hics.

She stops.

She may be fussing or flailing her arms about or rooting for the nipple to feed.

But when she starts to hiccup, all activity stops.

She gets a glazed, bemused look on her face. Her arms drop limply to her sides. Her legs stop moving. Then, “hic!”

But she doesn’t respond. She stays perfectly still, eyes open, wondering, “WTF is happening?!?!”


“Okay. If I stay perfectly still, maybe it will go – Hic!”

“Fuck!” thinks my daughter in baby talk, whatever is the baby equivalent of “fuck” at 2 weeks old.


“What the hell was that? What is this involuntary contrac — Hic!”

“fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” thinks my daughter if she could think.

“Stop doing that, body!”


“Alright. I am staying AB-SO-LUTE-LY still — hic!”

“Dammit! How do I stop this? Hic!”

I’m rubbing her chest – with each hiccup, you could see the base of her throat depress implosively and violently. It can be rather upsetting to see her little body wracked with hiccups. But she doesn’t seem hurt by it. Just bemused.

Nothing I do helps.

I lean in and touch forehead to forehead with her. And the last hic stretches away. Has it stopped? Then a strange, strangled “hic” that sounded like a squeak as well.

She returns to her stillness.

Sometimes a sneeze might interrupt the hiccups and then it stops. But not this time.

Then she starts to move again, as if she knows the hiccups have stopped.

How did she know that?

Anyway, she’s moving her arms, squirming, kicking and the hiccups seem to have stopped.

For over a minute. Then “hic!”

She stops. Again.


Then she moves.

Has the hiccup stopped?

No. She’s still hiccuping. But now she’s not in the “deer in the headlight” mode. She’s just moving normally. Maybe she’s thinking, “fuck it! there’s nothing I can do about it. I might as well move.”

And maybe that is one of her first life lessons. There are things you can change and there are things you cannot change. No need to obsess over what you cannot change. Just accept it and get on with your life.

Unless you can’t. 🙂

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