Ugly is good

Quite a few friends, whether projecting or seeing what they expect to see, said that Zoe had my features.

Actually, what they said was she looked like me.

Poor girl. She’ll be ugly.

Well, I hoped she’ll be ugly. Cos if she looks good, then obviously, I’m not ugly. I just have the features of a good-looking woman.

But enough about me.

As a proud father, I of course think she looks wonderful.

But… I hope she isn’t cursed with too much beauty.

The face you present to the world shapes how the world responds to you. When the world responds positively and consistently to your good looks, it is inevitable that you would use your beauty to get what you want.

And when you have the advantage of beauty, you do not need to try so hard to be smarter, or more persistent, or be more hard-working. You can get by on your looks.

Which is fine for a while.

But beauty fades, and then you try desperately to cling onto your fading beauty, and the result usually isn’t pretty.

So I hope she is not cursed with good looks. Or if she is, I hope we can teach her to be more than just a pretty face. And overcome her curse.


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