Meet Zoe

We enter this world thru another’s pain, screaming our lungs out in protest.
Who knows what the future holds?

WP_20141206_002PL had some bleeding on the evening of Dec 5.

She started to have contractions in the night, but she didn’t fuss. She timed the contractions and it was not getting more frequent. So she did not panic.

On the morning of Dec 6, we left for the hospital.

At the Triage of KK Women and Children’s Hospital, they confirmed she was having contractions and her cervix was about 3 cm dilated.

They moved her to the Delivery suite, gave her an antibiotic because of some infection they found, and put her on oxytocin to help the labour along. They monitored her contractions and the baby’s heartbeat.

The nurse asked if she had decided on a pain management system and she told them “epidural”. The nurse was surprised cos she said most people aren’t familiar with the pain management options. She ask how PL knew about epidural.

It’s the Age of Google. Everyone knows everything, even if some don’t understand it.

That was about 9:15 in the morning.

They broke the water bag – it was messy, and she said it hurt.

Then they gave her the epidural and everything was fine.

Two hours later, Dr Matthew came in to check on her, and gave instructions – to check again at 3 and 6.

She was still at 4 cm dilated. At 6 pm, the attending doctor said she would consult Dr Matthew and raised the possibility of going for a C-section.

Dr Matthew said to check again in 2 hours. It was still 4 cm.

So they prep PL and took her to surgery. While I waited in the waiting area.

About 40 minutes later, they showed me my daughter. She did not like to be in this world. Poor baby.

Then I took her picture. It is the digital photography age, and the Age of the Selfie.

Welcome to the world, Zoe.

Poor girl. She looks like me.

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