Waiting for Zoe

So after the little excitement 5 weeks ago… nothing.

She’s been quiet. In the last 3 weeks, PL has had weekly appointments but nothing exciting to report. PL has finally breached the 50 kg mark. She’s never been this heavy. 🙂

Zoe (that means “Life” and is as good as any name for the life growing in PL), is currently estimated to be about 2.4 kg (or over 5 lbs). However, that’s just an estimate.

So I’ve been hoping for an early delivery… preferably on my Birthday (two weeks ago) but no go. So now it seems like Zoe’s gonna be PL’s birthday present!

The doc (on Mon) said the baby’s still comfortably ensconced in there and doesn’t seem ready (or willing) to vacate the premises. By this Sunday (the estimated delivery date) if PL doesn’t go into labour, the doc suggested inducing labour. Or we could give the baby a week to emerge naturally. But not longer.

The danger in that is that the baby may poop in the womb, and during delivery it could get MASsy. PL heard it as “Messy”, but the doc meant Meconium Aspiration Syndrome or in English, choking on poop.

PL decided to go with induce labour if things don’t happen naturally by then. I agree.

It would not be good to set a precedent. When Zoe’s 25, I expect her out of the house and on her own two feet. No nesting with daddy and mommy, and sponging off our retirement funds!

Speaking of which, the condo is in move-in condition.

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