The Sound of Hoof Beats (Pregnancy Panic Hotline).

Wed 29 Oct

PL was part of a team organising a Conference that was held this morning. I was there as a participant.

At the end of the morning Tea Break during the conference, PL told me she had some slight bleeding. But she was not in pain, there was no discomfort or spasm or contractions. Or for that matter anything that felt like menstrual cramps (another friend was warded for observation for a few days because her “cramps” were actually contractions. Best bit – she’d been experiencing that for more than a week.)

We took our seats (she was sitting with some of the organisers), for the second part of the conference, but my head wasn’t really in it.

The wonders of a modern smartphone, I Whatsapp my sister and the friend with the cramps/contraction (she’s a mom now) – “PL’s bleeding slightly, but no pain/discomfort. Should we panic?”

I’ll not transcribe the smartphone conversation here, but my sis advised seeing the gynae.

I tried to call the clinic/hospital but was on hold for almost forever. Finally, we just decided to go to the hospital during lunch.

At the clinic the clinic reception (private suites) advised us to go to the delivery suite. There PL was hooked up to monitors for observation for about an hour. I waited outside.

At the end of the hour, the staff said they would need to monitor her even more closely and they would be admitting her.

So we decided at a B1 ward (4 to a room, shared bath/toilet, air-conditioned). The admissions staff advised that as it was a high risk pregnancy (due to PL’s age, and the timing – 34th week of pregnancy), that we should take a subsidised ward.

She was wheeled in to the room while I completed the admissions process ($1810) for 2 nights, if the baby were delivered, being premature, she would need about 22 days in ICU.

Helpful and useful information.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was the sound of hoof-beats. It was the machine sounding out the fetal heartbeat. It sounded like a galloping horse. At least that was what I think the machine was doing.

Anyway, the nurses gave her medication to relax the womb, and also to help the fetus’s lungs develop faster in case of a premature birth.

There was nothing for me to do, so I brought back PL’s office (and conference) material, and agreed on what to bring to her later – slippers, change of clothes, iPad, phone charger, etc.

I left and returned with her “hospital overnight bag” which she was supposed to pack ahead of time. Oh well.

I got there before 7, she was still in the delivery suite, and the doctor would be making her rounds at about 7 pm.

She came after 7:30. So PL apparently had a Urinary Tract Infection (or something) which was causing some irritation to her, and this may have caused her body to attempt to “scratch that itch” (or infection) with contractions.

The doctor seemed confident it would all be fine.

Or maybe she didn’t really care.


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