TV Series to Share

PL doesn’t watch much TV. But I think it is because most TV series are dumb and formulaic. I introduced her to my favourite shows and she seems to like the good ones that I like as well. We watched it all on DVDs and currently are working our way through Season 4 of Angel (Jasmine) after completing Season 6 of Buffy (Dark Willow).

(Update: Done. Completed Angel & Buffy)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
I am very selective about the series I follow, but these two were series I want PL to like: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (which spun off from Buffy). And she liked it. It was fun to re-watch the series again. And there were themes and lessons to be learned. When my daughter is old enough (13?) I will introduce it to her to the strong woman that Buffy is, and all three of us can watch it together.

But before I shared BTVS and Angel with PL, I had already shared Firefly – another Joss Whedon series (though short-lived). We like it too, though I felt that there were fewer relevant life lessons and themes. Except maybe the importance of friendship, loyalty, and being dependable.

To complete the Joss Whedon series, maybe we’ll watch this after we’re done with Angel and Buffy. But I don’t really feel very strongly about this series. And if I do introduce it to my daughter, it would be when she is older.

This is another series about a girl. But not really a role model I want for my daughter, but she does step up eventually. It is a quirky series, and perhaps the over-arching theme of this series is, “the only immorality is not doing what must be done, when it must be done.” But the talking inanimate objects have a fantasy element which may appeal to a young girl (8 years old?)

Life – Damien Lewis
Before he was in Homeland, he was Charlie Crews. I loved this series, though it too was cut short after two seasons. Why are all the good shows never picked up. Instead silly shows like Psych and Burn Notice runs on forever. This is to share with PL, mainly.

[Update: Completed!]

Veronica Mars
Another series about a strong girl. Probably share this with my daughter after Buffy.

[Watching this with PL now (Dec 2014 update).]

My So-Called Life
Claire Danes before Homeland. I’m not sure why I like this. It was soapy. See if PL likes it. Maybe share with daughter before Buffy.

PL loved this series. The criminals and delinquents reminds her of her idiotic clients. Well, just one sad-sack of a delinquent. I love it for the realism, the dialogue, and the humour. (Waiting for Season 5. On the way.)

I love this series, but it thought the ending was contrived and poorly executed. The theme is rather dark, so see what PL says. If I share this with her.

I’m thinking about sharing this. It runs rather long (going on to 10 seasons?), and there isn’t any over-arching theme or message. It’ll be cool to catch up with David Boreanaz after Angel, but this series is quite mundane.

I like this series, but the character is rather dysfunctional, and a terrible role model if we’re geniuses, and an irrelevant role model if like 99% of the world, we are not brilliant geniuses. Maybe I’ll share with my daughter if she is a genius.

But those series are probably quite a few years away. In the meantime, she might like, Gummi Bears, and Fraggle Rock. Maybe Wallace and Gromit.


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