Sunday at the Kopi Tiam (Coffee Shop)

PL and I had lunch or brunch at the kopi tiam at our block today (21 Sept).

She had the Chicken Hor Fun. I decided to stick with what I know was good (wanton mee) from the stall.

Over at the next table were two older men. With a bucket of ice on the table. Three large bottles of Heineken (633 ml bottles) were in the bucket. One bottle was open.

I thought at first both men were drinking, but on closer look, only one was drinking beer. The other was having coffee.

It was just after 12 noon. Maybe 12:30.

A few thoughts pass through my head.

Thought #1: THAT’S how my retirement should be. Just me and 3 LARGE bottles of beer for lunch, or brunch, or breakfast-lunch-&-dinner, and a focused commitment to finish those beers.

Only, could I have Tiger Radler instead? Not much of a Heineken fan. Maybe Hoegaarden. But I can maybe finish a pint and a bit, but not 3 pints or more.

Thought #2: Where’s the Heineken lady or the Tiger lady? At 12:30 in the afternoon, none of them had started work. So this guy probably had to help himself. Or serve himself.

Which brought me to..

Thought #3: This guy is a purist! Sure, if he drinks in the evenings (like the other social drunks/ alcoholics), he would have a nice beer lady pimp him some beer, and pour it for him while possible bending over to offer him a glimpse of heaven, offering him some tease (and maybe sleaze?) on the side. He gets some flirtation, and the ladies get their commission (I think that’s how it’s done).

But no. He’s a purist. He wants his beer unadulterated with suggestive talk and innuendos, his tipple without titillation, his drinking uninterrupted with flirting. Least of all faux flirting.

He wanted to be able to focus on drinking, not worry about where the Heinie lady was, what to say to her, how to flirt with her.

It’s all about the beer and just the beer ma’am.

I should be so dedicated. 🙂




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