Baby clothes

PL and I don’t often disagree, but we have different opinions about baby clothes.

My view is that, until the baby can at least crawl, she doesn’t really need clothes with arms and sleeves and holes in the trouser or pants. In the old days, new born babies were simply wrapped in swaddling cloths. Yes, the same swaddling cloths Jesus was wrapped in.

Until modern capitalist and consumer marketing decided that since babies had no disposable income, they would target the mothers.

So PL goes… well “all-googly-eyed” would be an exaggeration and an insult (she reads this blog you know), but as “googly-eyed” as you can expect PL to be (if you know her, you know this is almost impossible!)

Anyway, she likes baby clothes. Another triumph of marketing!

And she wants to get them.

I have tried to restrain her, but… it’s quite funny to see her all nearly googly-eyed about baby clothes. 🙂 I shouldn’t try so hard, then.

Well, I agreed we probably should have some just in case. So we bought two on sale at Giant for $0.98 each.


Baby Clothes.

Then she visited her mom and her mom had bought some. About 7 or so. (Pictured: one of them.)

A couple-friend (with a 2 year old) advised us to lay off on the baby clothes. They (or rather she) bought so many, that some were never worn and the kid outgrew them.

I could see that happening.

Anyway, I do not think I can fight maternal instincts and the need to play with a live doll, so I shall be supportive and let her buy as much as she likes (but I think she’s coming over to my point of view and while she still WANTS to buy, she will control herself).

Anyway, she never stops me from buying Nerf guns.





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