Food Wishes, Food Dreams, Food Visions

I think I am deprived.

PL doesn’t eat a lot.

So I can’t cook a lot.

On the positive side, she isn’t very fussy. She has a forgiving palate. So if my cooking a little off, she not only doesn’t complain. she sometimes likes it, anyway.

So I might say, “I think the soup’s a little salty.”

She’ll say, “Niiiice!” *slurp!*

Or I might say, “I think it’s a little over done. Burnt, even.”

She’ll say, “I like!” *burp!*

And because she doesn’t eat much, I don’t have to double the portions. Sometimes I just cook the same or just slightly more, and share with her. And if I get hungry later, I’ll just snack, have some milk, or some bread.

And my friends have commented that I have lost weight (thanks, but my weight is still the same. Which doesn’t stop me from blaming PL for my apparent weight loss).

So it is unlikely that I would ever make a Garbage Plate for her.

Maybe for the both of us, but I think my days of eating a 4 lb plate of carbo are over. Way over.

My muffin pan breakfast/dinner is probably more my speed now. Small cup of carbo, a tomato, another cup of carbo, and some protein (egg, or sausages or some kind of meat).

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