Clay Oven

When PL and I were in Denham, Western Australia (about 800 km North of Perth) recently, we stayed at the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park (in our rented motor home) for a couple of nights, and made a day trip to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins of Shark Bay.

On our return, we wanted to get some dinner, and decided to share a wood fired pizza from the only pizza place we saw on our trip.

PL LOVED the pizza.

So when I asked casually if she might like to have a wood fired oven like this:

Wood-fired Pizza Oven.

She jumped and said yes!


It’s only US$1900, weighs 1200 pounds, and DOES NOT SHIP TO SINGAPORE!

Phew! Dodged that bullet.

But… I wouldn’t mind having something like that, except that I probably won’t know what else to do with it.

I jokingly asked my friend, who works with an airline and who had said that he did not have a weight limit for his luggage, if he would bring one back for us if he were ever in the US. 🙂

He suggested we get a builder to make one for us.


Anyway, we put that idea on the back burner. Then I found people who built their own clay ovens.

In 2008, Simon created his blog about building a clay oven.

Finished oven from the front.


This blog article by a woman who built her own clay oven in part with most of the tips and guide from Simon’s blog.

Perhaps I can build one too. From my BBQ pit. It is partially built-up.


Maybe all it will need is a little clay dome.

Or some fire bricks which I can try to get here:

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