Baby Heart Beat Checker app.

So apparently there is an app “babybeat checker” or something and once you have installed it, you can hold it to your belly and record the baby’s heartbeat. Then you play it back. And you will be rewarded with the sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

So PL got the app, installed it, held it to her belly, recorded it and was rewarded with the sound of our unborn daughter’s heartbeat. She did it three times and got heart rates of 130 to 155 beats per minute. Which the app says was within normal range (120 – 160 bpm).

Then she applied it to my beer belly. And played back the recorded heartbeat. My beer belly is very unhealthy. It has a heart rate of about 177 bpm. Above normal. We should have it checked.

Then she applied the smartphone to her hugging pillow (bolster). Its baby had a heart rate of 169. Pretty unhealthy. But what to expect from a pillow that lies on the bed all day? Never exercised.

I assume that’s what it does when we are both at work.

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