Raising Hell – Winter is Coming

I didn’t know what to title this post.

But let me explain the title then.

First some background.

I am a Perfect Catholic.

I mean that ironically, of course. I used to be a practising Catholic. But when you have practised enough, you achieve perfection. Then you stop.

Ironically? I meant arrogantly.

Conversely, PL was not raised Catholic, but chose to become one. If you know PL, you will know that she doesn’t convince easily. Or is persuaded easily. Not to say that she is stubborn (well, maybe a little), but that she is quite a rational person.

So I do not completely understand why she chose Catholicism. I tried asking her and her answer was along the lines of she felt a need, and Catholicism seems to meet that need.

She doesn’t over-analyse things to death (like me!), so I left it at that.

But I did tell her that I had stopped practising and that I would not be attending church with her. She was fine with it. For her, her religion is personal. Her relationship with God is between her and God.

I guess.

But she did want to get married in church and I was okay with that.

And of course one of the conditions is that we would raise any children we might have as Catholics.

As a perfect Catholic, I do not have a problem with that.

Let me explain.

I believe that children require a moral foundation. If you are a Hindu, you should raise your children as Hindus, because that is what you know best. Same if you are a Muslim, raise your child in Islam; Catholic, raise your children Catholic.

While I may be a perfect Catholic now, I was raised Catholic and Catholicism is the basis of my morality.

Another friend of mine is a very staunch Catholic and she commented on mixed-faith marriages, once. In her opinion, the parent with the stronger faith (as evidenced by their practice of their faith) should raise the children in that faith. For her it does not make sense for a lapsed Presbyterian to insist on raising the child Presbyterian when he or she does not go to church anymore, while the Catholic parent who conscientiously goes to church weekly is not allowed to raise the child in his/her faith.

I thought she had a good point, and it was in line with my thoughts that the purpose of religion is for the moral well-being and foundation of the child.

So PL and I do not have an issue about raising the child Catholic.

I am even prepared to resume practising Catholicism.

Well, I’ll go to church, but that’s about it.

“Winter is Coming”.

As a “Game of Thrones” fan, with my daughter due in Dec, there are a lot of names popularised by the book/TV series. “Danaeris”, “Khaleesi”, “Arya”, are all popular names arising from the series.

But I could call her “Winter”. And Winter is coming… in December.

We have been calling her “parasite”. Winter is an improvement. 🙂

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