100 days on

By our estimates it has been over 100 days.

PL’s “baby bump” is an imperceptible swell which is unnoticeable. If you saw her on the bus, you wouldn’t offer her a seat.

If you saw her sitting down and me standing over her, you might scold her and ask her to give up her seat to the decrepit old man standing over her.

[At which point, I might tell you that she should sit cos she’s pregnant and when you ask if I know cos she’s my daughter, I’d correct you and tell you that she’s my wife and I made her pregnant, and it was natural! :-)]

Anyway, she was upset because the swell in her abdomen after a meal doesn’t subside after a while. Like it used to.

I told her it was not food that’s causing the swelling and it’s supposed to get bigger.

Her boobs are also getting bigger (sorry, no pictures. She won’t let me. ).

And she’s still in the low energy phase, even though she’s passed the first trimester (she’s about 14 weeks now by our estimate).

I told her it was probably because she didn’t rest enough in the first trimester so the little parasite (that’s what we call our daughter) has extended the low energy trimester. And because she hasn’t had enough rest, the parasite was probably underdeveloped.

So now, either because she is even more tired, or because she wants to do right by the baby, I mean, parasite, she’s letting me talk her into resting earlier.

Note that her earlier is about 10:30 pm. My colleague says that’s late actually. Another friend who’s pregnant says she’s out by 9:30.

I’ll let the little delinquent (my wife) know.



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