Is it a natural pregnancy?

So when we were going for the second scan, at two points the staff asked if the pregnancy was natural.

Ok, so I’m a little fat, and my hair is thinning, and I have white in what hair I have left, and I’ll be 50, while PL could pass for someone in her late 20s, but what does THAT mean?

“Is it natural?” You think I’m so decrepit I need help making a baby?

Should I be insulted?

Well, I wasn’t. Insulted I mean.

If I weren’t there, and if I didn’t know what I did, I’d be asking if it were natural.

It’s a miracle. I still think it’s a miracle.

Also, Singaporeans aren’t the sort to make small talk or to invade someone’s privacy. If they asked, it was probably to fill in a form somewhere.


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