A Meticulous Man

We had Sunday brunch at the food court at Marina By Sands Shoppe. Rasapura?

Our plan for the day was to visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Art Science Museum.

As we finished our brunch, the cleaner came by to clear away our tray, and then proceeded to wipe the table.

We are used to overworked, harried cleaners wiping the table perfunctorily and then leaving.

Not this one. He was careful not to sweep the food scraps onto our laps. He took time to remove stuck on rice grains from the table, and he was meticulous in ensuring every square inch of the table surface was wiped.

I thanked him as he left.

He was middle-age or a little younger. And he had pride in his work. PL thought he was meticulous too. I wondered if he was new. And would he become less meticulous, less careful, and take less pride in his work as the days wore on.

I hope not. I hope he never loses that pride in his work and his care for details. But I am not too optimistic.

What he did is not measured. In terms of metrics, if he has a supervisor, the supervisor would be more concerned about how many tables he wiped in an hour, or if he cleared the tables fast enough. Not whether he was careful when wiping the table not to sweep food scraps onto the customers’ laps, or onto the floor, or whether he took pains to remove stuck food particles, or whether he wiped and cleaned every part of the table.

So I am not too optimistic. But I hope he hangs onto his attitude and his pride in his work despite the workload, and the pressure, and the wrong metrics.

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