Muffin Pan Breakfast for Dinner


Popovers, potatoes, and tomatoes

I decided that breakfast was too difficult. I have to wake up early to prepare it. I am not a morning person.

So, breakfast for dinner.

I cubed some potatoes and boiled them, while I prepared the popover batter. I took too long and I think the potatoes were a little over done. Almost mushy. I was aiming for cooked but firm.

I don’t often cube the potatoes so fine, so I overestimated the cooking time needed. Note to self. I could also have added peas. And maybe carrots. Anyway, turn off the pot, drained the potatoes, and added butter.

Then I prepped the tomatoes. Which was just slicing off the top, adding some salt and Italian herbs on top. And some pepper.

I buttered (oiled) the muffin pan, and filled two cups with popover batter, two cups with the potatoes, and two cups with the tomatoes.

Like so:


Popover batter, potatoes, and tomatoes, before entering oven.

Set the oven to max, and timer to 30 minutes, and leave it alone.

30 minutes later, remove muffin tray. Popover is now humongous and almost (but not) burnt. I was going to take the tomatoes out, but it looked like the popovers needed the out more.

So out came the popovers, re-buttered the cups, and added two whole eggs.


Eggs replaces popover.

I also added a slice of cheese on top of the potatoes (Emmental, but whatever you like, I could have used Boursin.)

Pop the whole tray back in the oven at max for about 3 to 5 minutes. I was aiming for runny yolks. I was partly successful. But I should have taken the tray out a minute earlier.

Anyway, the tray out looked good:

The tomatoes had bubbled over. But was generally intact.

This was dinner for two. But I guess, it would also be possible to have 6 different items for a breakfast set. Other things you could try to put in the muffin tray: Onions, mushrooms, bacon, spam/luncheon meat, sausages, quiche, cream cheese (with something), spiced pork cubes, chicken cubes or strips, some kind of dip (that can withstand 30 minutes in an oven – chilli? Grilled peppers is also a possibility.

Then you put what you like on bread and make a sandwich. Or a wrap.

Lots of options to mix and match.

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