Muffin Pan Breakfast

What I like to do is plan dishes in my head.

It’s not messy. It’s creative and fun. And you can try different variations without having to eat everything. And it never turns out wrong in your head. šŸ™‚

So I recently got a 6-cup muffin tray to make Popovers. A.K.A. Yorkshire pudding.

I had been looking for a tray for some time and at every shop and store, it was $10.50 or more. PL told me I should just get it at $10.50 as it seems to be the lowest price. I refused. In my mind, $10.50 was too much. So the search continued.

Until we searched in the kitchenware shop in Ang Mo Kio (the shop next to the hawker centre). I found it for $8. I knew it would not be possible to get it any lower. So I bought it.

And danced a victory dance around PL.

‘Cos that’s what we do. šŸ™‚

So I haven’t made (and is unlikely that I would ever make) any muffins with it, but I have made popovers.



They are fun to make and I have reduced the amount of eggs so that it is less “eggy” (PL & I like it that way).

And I’ve started to experiment with it. For dinner, I put a strip of bacon around the inside of 3 of the muffin cups, and poured the popover batter in. It was pretty good. Bacony, with popovers (or Yorkshire pudding). But the bacon seem to have prevented the popovers from rising as much.

And I was thinking, how can I put together an easy breakfast.

So here’s my idea (it should work).

Fill two of the muffin cups with popover batter. Fill another two with bacon. And the last two with sausages. Or onions. Or mushrooms. Or whole tomatoes (for grilled tomatoes). But not eggs. Not yet.

The whole tray goes into the oven at max heat for 30 minutes. (In my mind, it is two popovers, two bacon, and two grilled tomatoes, with the tops sliced off, and Italian herbs sprinkled on top.)

After 30 minutes take out the tray. The popovers should be like in the picture above. Empty 2 of the cups (whichever looks done and is not too messy – in my mind, the tomatoes come out Or I might put them on the bacon and leave them in). Oil the two empty cups, drop an egg into each and pop the whole tray back into the oven for another 3 to 5 minutes until the eggs are done to your liking – runny yolks or firm – your call.

Take out and serve immediately with some cheese, herb butter, or whatever you like.


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