One Ring to rue them all

WP_20130928_001You may have seen this trope in some movie or TV show: a married person just before he or she sleeps with someone else (who is not the spouse), takes off his/her wedding ring.

Right. Like that makes things ok. “I’m not having an affair if I take off my wedding ring, right? Besides, I had my fingers crossed when I said, ‘I do.'”

Of course, that is not the purpose or the significance of the act of taking off the ring.

It is a story-telling tool, this removal of the wedding ring. It tells the audience that this married character is not just drunk or temporarily insane or has forgotten that he/she is married. By having the character remove the wedding ring, it tells the audience, that this was a deliberate act, or that the character is aware that vows that will be broken, that the sanctity of the marriage is being deliberately violated, or that the character is aware of and feeling guilty about this sin. Or all or any combination of the above. Or many other reasons or motivations.

Certainly the wedding ring is given remarkable significance, in real life and in drama. Or perhaps the significance in real life is because of the influence in drama?

Anyway, I do not wear adornments of any sort. I used to wear a watch, but when I started carrying a mobile phone and it has a clock, I eventually stopped wearing a watch as well. So no rings, chains, studs, clips, bracelets or even a watch of any sort.

I find them irritating.

So the idea of wearing a wedding ring was, well not exactly traumatic or unbearable… just a source of mild concern.

I haven’t quite gotten used to it on my finger.

And it is at times loose.

One evening/early morning, at some motel in New Zealand, I stumbled to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I stood over the toilet, I hear a metallic ring. I looked down and realised my wedding ring had slipped off my finger and into the bowl.

I had to retrieve it of course. Rinsed it off. No worse for wear.

Now on my past-midnight sojourns into the washroom, I checked that the ring is on snug, and I curl my fingers, just in case.

And I blamed the cold climate in NZ for causing my finger to contract and so the ring slipped off more easily.

Then about 2 months ago (late Sept, 2013), I was cooking and had taken my ring off (probably to marinate some meat by hand… the exact reason eludes me), and put it on my “ring bearer” (see picture). I completed the food preparations and cooking, and we had dinner. Then later while the wife was washing up, I heard a metallic sound – the sound of a ring falling to the ground and rolling along for a while. Then it was silent. I rushed to the kitchen… the ring bearer (it was just hanging on by suction) had fallen off, together with my wedding ring.

I looked for the ring, but couldn’t find it.

I was not too worried. It will be found eventually.

Probably when I least expect it.

And so it was.

This afternoon (1 Dec, 2013) while cleaning the kitchen floor, I found it. Two months after I had lost it.  A little dusty from the corner where it had rolled, but otherwise ok.

“Aha!” I shouted. “I’m married again!” I told my wife when she rushed in.

“Oh shit.” I corrected myself, in mock disappointment, “I’m married again,”

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