New Zealand Adventures

For our honeymoon, we decided to go to New Zealand.

In July.

Specifically, the South Island. Christchurch.

That’s winter.

But we wanted to go somewhere cool. Because we’ve had enough of hot and humid in Singapore.

The general plan was to fly to Christchurch. Stay two nights. Then take the Tranz Alpine Train to Grey Mouth on the West Coast of the South Island. Stay a few nights (three), then make our way back to Christchurch, with a one night stopover at Arthur’s Pass.

Other than those broad plans, we had no other details. We booked our flights, our hotels, our train tickets, and that was the extent of our planning.

We decided that we would not be driving, as driving is a stressor for me.

If we could not find anything to do, well it is our honeymoon. We would do what couples are supposed to do on honeymoons.

Rest. I believe.

The amount of planning I did for this trip was very very much less than the planning I had done for my Japan Trip. For that I checked internet access, driving tips, etc.

But the difference was, NZ was an English-speaking country, so language would not be a problem. I would talk my way out of any difficulty. 🙂

Anyway, we had great fun, took lots of pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed the life there, the people there, and wish we could stay longer.

Or forever.

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