Milk Mafia

I was very surprised when I walked into a convenience store to get a drink, and the best offer they had was 2 bottles of pop for NZ$7. Those were 600 ml bottles. $7 for 2. Or $3.50 per bottle.

The same bottle costs about $1.20 in Singapore!

Why was it so expensive?

The Milk Mafia.

I suspect the price of pop is artificially raised by the Milk Mafia. NZ is a land of sheep and cows. Diary is one of their main produce. If people were drinking soda-pop/soft drinks like Coke, they won’t drink milk.

The Milk Mafia is EVERYWHERE! you check into a motel and one of the questions they ask you at the reception is, “Do you want regular milk or trim (skimmed or low-fat) milk?”

And they will provide you with a small carafe of it (for drinking or for your tea or coffee).

When 600 ml of pop costs $3.50 to $5, and 2 litres of milk costs about $4, of course you won’t drink soda!

I watch the Kiwis. At the airport, at breakfast, someone ordered a small bottle of wine. $7.

Which is fine, ‘cos wine is also an NZ product.

But if you are going to drink soda in NZ, drink L&P. It is an NZ product. And I haven’t seen it elsewhere. It’s “lemonish stuff” as the blurb on the bottle says. Tastes a little like Sprite or 7-up, but not exactly.

Love the stuff.

Anyone knows where i can get some in SG?

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