Marriage – the lifelong blame game.

PL visits her Grandma every Sunday after church.

Her grandparents raised her much of her childhood, and she is close to them. Her Grandfather passed away a few years ago, so her grandma is alone, though quite active socially.

So this was the first Sunday after the wedding when things are almost back to normal and PL decided to visit her Grandma.

As a slight change of plans, we went after 12 noon (her grandma was socialising before then).

We brought some candy from NZ and I brought photos on my iPad to show her.

In the course of the visit, Granny asks PL if she were eating well.

PL said that she was, and I was doing the cooking.

“What do you do then?” asked Granny.

“I wash up,” said PL.

“Don’t just wash up. When he cooks, you should help too!” said Granny.

I asked Granny, “When you cooked for her, did you make her help you too?” I was being cheeky, ‘cos I know cooks hate it when people get under their feet when they are cooking.

“It’s all her grandfather’s fault! He spoiled her rotten, when she was young!” said Granny. “He used to walk her to the bus stop after her visits. This was fine when she was just a girl, but he kept on walking her, even after she had grown up!”

This sounded familiar and PL commented on it.

“She’s blaming my grandfather.” She said later, when we were alone.

“Aha! So even long-time couples bicker and blame each other. We’re doing things right!”

PL and I playfully banter and bicker and blame each other for the most ridiculous things.

“Ya!” PL agreed. “Now she blames him when he is dead and can’t defend himself.”

“I know what I need to do.”

“What?” asked PL.

“I need to die later than you, otherwise, you will blame me for things when I’m dead and I can’t defend myself!”

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