You and me against the world

We collected the bouquet/ corsages, etc today.

The lady briefed us on the care and use of the flowers.

So I’m supposed to bring the bouquet tomorrow morning and present it to the bride and then we go to the church together.

We deviated from that plan. PL will take the bouquet home this evening instead. So I won’t be bringing it tomorrow.

Ok, it is not a ground-breaking deviation, but that little “rebellion” says a lot about our relationship and our personalities.

Those who know PL, knows she is not one for rituals or show. So our deviation could simply be her not wanting the “show”.

Or, it could be that we see this whole ritual as something we need to get through together, and rather than making things difficult for each other, we worked together to get through all the hoops we are being made to jump through. πŸ™‚

I will be bringing the jewellery for my mom to present to PL at the tea ceremony, the last batch of mass booklets (with the Pope and Bishop corrected), the ang pows for our helpers, the box for the ang pows, So i think I have quite a few things to worry about.

So I really appreciate this and other signs that tell me she is on MY side in this wedding. We have chosen each other, and a wedding is the original social networking where we tell people we have a change in relationship status. So she doesn’t need me to do the show for HER, but for our social network. So fetching her is still part of “backstage” action. I guess that’s why I didn’t bother with a photographer or a entourage.

Hmmm… maybe I’m more Catholic than I believe. πŸ™‚

I see the church as the start of the “show”. Getting there is just “Staging”.

Anyway, back to my point which is that PL and I see our partnership, our marriage as “you and me against the world”.

Ok, this is not a very coherent post, but, I’m getting married tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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