The Nadir (if “nadir” means what I think it means)

I exaggerate.

But I think everyone when they are planning a big event will reach a point when it just gets tiresome.

The little things starts to get bigger.

The plans just fail to come together.

And you wonder if it is all worth it.

That’s why I have elopement as a fall back position. 🙂

It’s the same with work. I get to carry forward my leave one year. So every year I start the year with about 2 weeks of leave from the previous year. And I get two weeks of leave in the current year.

Theoretically, it means that if work just gets more shitty that usual, technically, I can give one month’s notice, and go on leave immediately, and never look back.



This is what makes work tolerable – the idea that there is a back door, an out, an escape clause, an emergency exit, and “in case of emergency, break glass” (or somebody’s head).

Elopement is my escape clause.

But it is a dual-key self-destruct emergency exit clause. I have one key.

PL has the other.

We BOTH need to agree to turn the key at the same time.

This week has been a busy week and I have not had time alone with her to recharge. So that may be part of this “nadir”.

On Monday, we met the Archbishop. My mom invited him to the wedding, He used to be my parish priest before he got to be Archbishop. He couldn’t attend and sent his regrets, but asked to see us. So we went down to see him on Monday. He was nice enough, but he is the Archbishop and he had to do archbishop-y things. Like give us his blessings. Ask us to pray the rosary. That sort of thing.

So yeah. The week started that way.

On Tuesday my brother and his family arrived. (Yay!) But I was at work (Boo!) So i couldn’t meet him. And they were jet-lagged so I left them to recover.

On Wednesday, PL had classes so we couldn’t meet. (boo!)

On Thursday,  we met up with my brother for steamboat (yay!) But later that evening one of my emcee (for the dinner) told me she had to back out. (For happy reasons, but still…)

So Friday was spent looking for a new emcee. And we found someone who said yes almost immediately!

So yes, this is where I exaggerate. If this was the nadir, it was nothing to cry about.

Anyway, we had dinner at Akanoya, and that always cheers me up! And yes, I was looking forward to dinner the whole day, because I felt like I really, REALLY needed a good time to make up for the ups and downs of the week.

And I did have a good time.

But I guess it is because while I did see PL this week, this was one week I did not have any “couple time” with PL.

THAT’S the real nadir.

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