The Hunt for Real Pork Trotters

Not quite as exciting as “The hunt for Red October”.

Anyway, the tradition for marrying a Teochew Bride is that you need to present bridal gifts that include pork trotters. And in a nod to modernity, canned pork trotters are perfectly acceptable.

So PL’s mom and mine went to look around to agree on the right cans and brand.

“Narcissus” is of course a well-established brand and I think that was what was agreed upon. But their product came with mushrooms. PL’s mom was not keen on mushrooms, and preferred plain pork trotters.

I don’t know what transpired, but it may have been that in searching for pork trotters without mushrooms, they may have seized upon Stewed Pork (without mushrooms). The cans were quite similar. But it was not pork trotters.

So PL and I have been searching for Pork Trotters without mushrooms… without much luck.

We went to Cold Storage, then NTUC Finest, then NTUC Xtra, and finally just NUTC fairprice. No luck.

PL’s mom told her she saw it at NTUC  Ang Mo Kio, but not the one at the Hub, but one with a Sumo House Restaurant in front of it.

I thought I knew where that was. We went to hunt it down. I believe we found the place. But Sumo House Restaurant had been replaced with Assam Tree Cafe (I didn’t know Assam grew on trees!).

And there were no pork trotters (without mushrooms).

Maybe we had the wrong place? We walked around a bit. Had dinner at Gurney Drive Restaurant (Penang Food) – she liked the Penang Laksa (Assam Laksa, I believe). I had the Nasi Lemak. Nice. Rice was very fragrant.

After dinner, looked around. No other supermarket. I sent her off in a cab, then thought to check my iPhone Map App. Yes, there was a Sumo House Restaurant and it was pointed right at the NTUC (Blk 712) that we had checked.

So right place. No pork trotters… without mushrooms.

The next day I checked out NTUC Finest? Liberty? At Thomson Plaza. No luck.

Then I check my local supermarket – Ang Mo Supermarket. Nope. No luck either.

PL said that she told her mom that there may not be a version of Pork Trotters without mushrooms.

I told her we may have to elope.

Yes. I am still keeping my options open. 🙂

However, PL’s mom was agreeable to a compromise. She’ll accept Pork Trotters with Mushrooms.

I still have a few days… before we decide to ELOPE! 🙂

[Update 26 June: I happened to be in Chinatown so I checked out Da You emporium and this had FOUR brands of pork trotters: Narcissus, Gulong, Q-Three, and Highway. All with mushrooms. First Emporium had just one or two brands. All with mushrooms. Meanwhile, PL has checked on-line and found that Narcissus brand has no version without mushrooms. So search is officially over.]

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