Why would people who claim to be private persons have a blog?

Partly it is to assure HER friends that I’m not exploiting her.
And the other part is to assure MY friends that she’s not exploiting me!
PL may seem like a soft, demure, pushover.
I can assure you she is NOT.
She BULLIES me ALL the time!

I know, she doesn’t look like the bullying sort.

And I don’t look like I would accept being bullied.

But you NEVER know. 🙂

But ya. If you’ve read a few of the posts, in them I claim that PL and I are rather private persons. And it’s true. You will note that PL has not commented on any of these blogs. (She’s got her ways of letting me know she’s unhappy with any of the posts! See above re: bullying me!)

But while we are private persons, I feel that it doesn’t mean we should be uncommunicative. Our friends wanna know. Silence can be deadly… to friendships, and in marriages.

Communication is a two-way street, but it doesn’t always involve words. PL is a person of few words. I would like her to speak more, but I know better than to try and change a person. And beware of what you wish for, your wish may come true!

In the words of Ronan Keating, “you say it best, when you say nothing at all.” (Which is husband-speak for “shut up!”)

Besides, it just means I have to listen more carefully. Not just to what she says, which isn’t much, but also what she doesn’t say, and how she doesn’t say it.

PL may give the impression that she is a pushover or has no opinions. But while she doesn’t express an opinion often, it doesn’t mean she has no opinions. And what she believes in, she believes with great conviction and she can be quite stubborn about it! So when she says, she doesn’t mind, she really doesn’t mind. But when she does mind, she can be very single-minded about it.

Which means also, that I get to be spokesperson for this relationship. Which I think she is quite glad to let me take that role. Because while we can work on our special secret, non-verbal language, the rest of the world still likes to use words.

So in this blog, we share, but we also maintain our privacy.


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