Brothers in Marriage.

So my brother in Canada will be returning with his whole family (wife, two kids) for my wedding. Coincidentally, his wife’s brother is also getting married this year, and her brother had helped to make things easier by choosing to get married at the same time – so they (my brother’s family) can attend both weddings on one trip (travelling is expensive! Let alone as a whole family!) But I wondered if they had this or a similar conversation:

Friend in Canada to my brother and his wife: “So I heard you’re going back to Singapore? Any occasion?”
Bro &/or wife: “Yes. Our brothers are getting married.”
Friend: “Could you repeat that again?”
Bro: “My brother and her brother are getting married.”
Friend: “Oh… did they get together because of you?”

“Well, they did agree on the wedding date…”

Frantic explanations all around! ๐Ÿ™‚

It may be easier to simply explain that no, Singapore does not recognise same-sex marriages.

Of course, as Robin Williams said, “All marriages are same-sex marriages. After marriage, all the sex is the same. With the same person!”


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