Making room

A friend of mine got married also at a late stage in his life (though much earlier than me. He was probably in his late 30s then, while I’m closer to 50).

He had bought a car, and his wife-to-be (then) had bought a flat.

I joked that he would be bringing a car into the marriage and she would be bringing a flat into it… and she would be the landlord, and he would be the chauffeur.

But I think his wife had lived in her flat for just a few years, so accommodating him probably wasn’t very difficult. She wouldn’t have settled in so much; wouldn’t have too much junk filling up her flat.

For a few years, I had kept my flat relatively simple. There isn’t a lot I needed, and I didn’t like to have too much furniture. I don’t have a TV, or stereo, or a sofa or couch, or even a bed. I have a built-in closet which was under-utilised for a while. I didn’t need the second bedroom and lived mainly in the first, with occasional forays into the living room and kitchen. I even have a utility room which the HDB/Govt so nicely provided as part of the upgrading for my block (heavily subsidised – I paid less than $6000).

But as I mentioned in another post, nature (and bachelors) abhors a vacuum. So things started to fill the vacuum. I’d buy books (before I got an iPad and eBooks), and because i have limited shelf space which was soon filled, the books end up on tables, on chairs, on boxes when the boxes were too full, and even on floors (in a corner some where out of the way). And I’d buy toys – it is after all a bachelor’s pad, and the only difference between a boy and a man is the price of their toys (I read that somewhere). And computers – mac mini, replaced by iMac, now replaced by a MacBook. And DVDs. And comics. And other knick-knacks.

I think this is how hoarders start out.

So I have a few years of things to throw out. To make room for PL.

Closet space – I just need 4 shirts and 3 trousers for office wear. A few “special” clothes for special occasion. And some home wear and casual wear. The rest can go into storage.

Books and comics… I need to trim out the collection. Focus on the few good ones.

And DVDs. They have to go.

Maybe we can just get a new place?

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